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What Is A Roundtable

For those involved in the logistics industry, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) provides professional development and networking opportunities to enhance both companies and careers.

CSCMP is a national and international organization that provides a global perspective on supply chains. It provides networking, education and leading-edge research via an online member directory, an online library, publications and quarterly updates.

“This is one of the top organizations for logistics and professional development,” said Joanne Kazmierski, JAXPORT’s Manager of Community Outreach and Environmental Advocacy. “CSCMP also provides industry tours of different business partners and funds scholarships.”

“You will always take away from our events valuable information while building and maintaining relationships with professionals in all levels of supply management and relate industries,” said Debbie McDowell, President of the Jacksonville chapter of CSCMP.

-By Marcia Mattson, Jaxport Magazine (Winter 2011)


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