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Corporate Membership

CSCMP Corporate Membership offers your organization the opportunity to engage in an exclusive relationship with one-stop access to our Supply Chain Concierge™ service.


Why a CSCMP Corporate Membership?

Simply stated, the CSCMP Corporate Membership is personal, flexible, and easy.

  1. Personal because a Strategic Account Manager is available to answer all your questions and address all your CSCMP needs
  2. Flexible because individual memberships within the corporate membership are transferable, and conference registrations, and other benefits included in the package, are available to others you identify in your company
  3. Easy because there are three standard corporate membership packages to choose from, or you can customize a corporate membership package to meet your company’s needs

What Are the Benefits of a CSCMP Corporate Membership?

Organizations that take advantage of a CSCMP Corporate Membership receive a bundled package at a considerably reduced cost. Packages include features such as:

  • CSCMP individual corporate memberships – company owned and transferable at anytime
  • Annual conference registrations – available to anyone in your company
  • Exclusive pricing on Career Center postings, selected publications, and white papers
  • Discounts on workshop seats, webinars, and international conference registrations – available to anyone in your company
  • Exclusive pricing for On-Site Education (tailored curriculum) and online courses
  • Supply Chain Concierge service delivered by your Strategic Account Manager
  • Connections to top supply chain professionals and educators
  • And much more!

A CSCMP Corporate Membership, designed for 6 or more individuals, is the ideal package for your company. Join today!


Choose 1 of 3 standard CSCMP corporate membership packages available, or customize a package to meet your organization’s needs!

1. Standard Primary Corporate Package (for 6 individuals)
2. Standard Preferred Corporate Package (for 10 individuals)
3. Standard Premier Corporate Package (for 20 individuals)

(All standard packages include individual memberships, Annual conference registrations, and additional exclusive benefits)

To view complete details of your chosen standard package, or to get a free customized quote, complete the easy online Corporate Membership Form. A CSCMP Strategic Account Manager will be in touch.

For additional questions, please contact Burt Blanchard bblanchard@cscmp.org or Leah Benshoof lbenshoof@cscmp.org.


Additional information can be found at www.CSCMP.org/Membership

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